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Find route between two places (cities, towns). Show route, driving directions, fuel cost, tolls (if applicable), distance, travel time, and alternatives routes.

UK toll calculator

For each route you search, this tool calculates fuel costs and toll costs (if applicable). In the UK there are tolls on some roads, bridges and tunnels. Τhe main toll network is on the M6 motorway learn more for UK toll roads.

Find place elevation on map.

Find coordinates on map

Do right-click (doubleclick in mobile) on map to add starting and ending point. Also you can fill in the input fields for adding starting and ending points (cities). Drag points to change the route.

Distance: 0km, Time travel: 0min
Tolls: Stations
Fuel consumption: 0 lt
Fuel price: 143 p/lt
Combined consumption: 37.5 mpg
Fuel cost: 0 £

Find route by car

Fuel cost calculator

The fuel cost by car depend on several factors such as the distance traveled, the driving conditions (traffic jam, slow driving, normal driving, race driving), fuel consumption of the vehicle, and the current price of fuel.

Let's say you are traveling 220 miles (353 km) in a car that has a petrol fuel consumption of 37.5 miles per gallon (7.53 lt/100km). If the current price of fuel is 146 pence per liter, then the fuel cost for the trip would be:

Fuel cost = (220 miles / 37.5 mpg) x 146 pence per liter = 38.84 £

In more detail, the result is obtained:

Fuel needed = Distance / Car fuel consumption = miles * 4.54609 / carConsumtion = 26.67 liters

Fuel needed = 26.67 lt

Fuel cost = Fuel needed x Price per liter = 26.67 liters x 146 pence per liter = 38.84 £

Fuel cost = 38.84 £

Why do I multiply miles by 4.54609?

Consumption is measured in miles per gallon. The price of fuel is in pence per liter. Gallons should be converted to liters so that the final fuel consumption on a trip is in liters. 1 gallon is 4.54609 liters, so multiply by 4.54609.

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