Route from Blackpool to South Hams by car

The driving distance between Blackpool and South Hams is 306 miles. Travel time is 5 hours and 7 minutes by car.

From: Blackpool, County: Lancashire, England
To: South Hams, County: Devon, England
306 mi , 5 h 7 min
Tolls: Stations
Fuel consumption:
Fuel cost:

Route from Blackpool to South Hams on map

Driving directions from Blackpool to South Hams

306 mi 5 h 7 min
Head south
65 ft
Turn left
91 ft
Turn right onto Maple Avenue
113 ft
Turn left onto Forest Gate
601 ft
Turn right onto Beech Avenue
606 ft
Enter the roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto West Park Drive
151 ft
Exit the roundabout onto West Park Drive
0.6 mi
Turn right onto South Park Drive (A587)
0.3 mi
Turn left onto Preston New Road (A583)
0.5 mi
Take the ramp
185 ft
Turn right onto Cherry Tree Road North
692 ft
Turn left onto Clifton Road
0.5 mi
Turn right onto Ashworth Road
1008 ft
Enter the roundabout and take the 1st exit onto A5230
24 ft
Exit the roundabout onto A5230
0.4 mi
Go straight onto M55
12.7 mi
Keep right towards M6 South
5.8 mi
Keep right onto Preston Bypass (M6)
86 mi
Keep left onto M6
9.4 mi
Keep left onto M5
163 mi
Continue towards A38
2.3 mi
Keep right towards A38: Plymouth
1.2 mi
Continue onto Devon Expressway (A38)
19.3 mi
Take the ramp on the left onto Marley Head (A38)
1049 ft
Enter Marley Head and take the 3rd exit
238 ft
Exit the roundabout
170 ft
Turn left to stay on Webland Lane
1.1 mi
Make a sharp right onto Higher Plymouth Road
1.1 mi
Turn left
1281 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the right
0 ft

What's the expense of traveling from Blackpool to South Hams by car?

Embarking on the journey from Blackpool to South Hams, one might ponder the cost of such a venture. Indeed, the expenditure amounts to 53 pounds when fueled by petrol. In this calculation, we delve into the intricate details, where the price of petrol stands at 143 pence per liter, and the car's thirst for fuel measures 37.5 miles per gallon.

For those opting for carpooling, the financial burden lightens, with a cost of 26.5 pounds for each of two passengers, 17.67 pounds for three passengers, and merely 13.25 pounds for four passengers.

Delving deeper into the mechanics of the calculation, we ascertain the amount of fuel required for the voyage. Covering a distance of approximately 305.69 miles, the car craves around 37.1 liters of petrol. This value is derived from the division of the distance by the car's fuel consumption rate, converted into liters for precision.

With the quantity of fuel determined, we proceed to compute the total expenditure. By multiplying the fuel volume (37.1 liters) by the price per liter (143 pence), we seamlessly arrive at the grand total of 53 pounds. Thus, the journey from Blackpool to South Hams is marked by a fuel cost of 53 pounds.

Diesel cost from Blackpool to South Hams.

The trip with diesel fuel costs 33.5 £ (151p/lt, 62.7 mpg).
For 2 passengers: 16.75 £ (33.5/2) /p.
For 3 passengers: 11.17 £ (33.5/3) /p.
For 4 passengers: 8.38 £ (33.5/4) /p.

Diesel fuel and gasoline (petrol) fuel have differences:

  1. Compression Ignition vs. Spark Ignition: Diesel engines operate on compression ignition, where the fuel-air mixture ignites spontaneously due to high pressure and temperature, while petrol engines rely on spark ignition from spark plugs. This fundamental difference in combustion processes leads to different engine designs and performance characteristics.

  2. Fuel Efficiency: Diesel engines tend to be more fuel-efficient than petrol engines, primarily due to their higher compression ratios and thermal efficiency. Diesel engines can extract more energy from each unit of fuel compared to petrol engines, resulting in better fuel economy and lower fuel consumption.

Where is Blackpool located?

Blackpool is located in Lancashire county and in England. It is situated at an altitude of 16 meters above sea level. Blackpool has coordinates 53.8175053o,-3.0356748o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Blackpool from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.

What is the location of South Hams?

South Hams is located in Devon county and in England. It is situated at an altitude of 81 meters above sea level. South Hams has coordinates 50.4102244o,-3.8009332o. RouteCalculator provides a map of South Hams from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.