Route from Hull to Nottingham by car

The driving distance between Hull and Nottingham is 91 miles. Travel time is 1 hour and 38 minutes by car.

From: Hull, County: East Riding of Yorkshire, England
To: Nottingham, County: Nottinghamshire, England
91 mi , 1 h 38 min
Tolls: Stations
Fuel consumption:
Fuel cost:

Route from Hull to Nottingham on map

Driving directions from Hull to Nottingham

91 mi 1 h 38 min
Head northeast on Dock Street
233 ft
Turn left onto Grimston Street
191 ft
Turn right onto George Street
453 ft
Turn right onto Wilberforce Drive
637 ft
Continue onto Lowgate
1167 ft
Turn left onto Liberty Lane
358 ft
Turn right onto High Street
745 ft
Continue onto Humber Street
472 ft
Turn right onto Queen Street
350 ft
Turn left onto Castle Street (A63)
0.4 mi
Continue onto Hessle Road (A63)
0.4 mi
Continue onto Clive Sullivan Way (A63)
5.6 mi
Continue onto Petuaria Way (A63)
9.1 mi
Continue onto M62
13.7 mi
Take the ramp on the left onto M18
56.5 mi
Take the ramp on the left towards A610: Nottingham
0.3 mi
Enter Nuthall Interchange and take the 1st exit onto A610
69 ft
Exit the roundabout onto A610
1.4 mi
Keep left onto A610
2.9 mi
Continue onto Wollaton Street (A610)
928 ft
Turn right onto Vernon Street
223 ft
Turn right onto Derby Road (A610)
159 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the left
0 ft

How much does it cost to travel from Hull to Nottingham by car?

Fuel for the journey in the form of petrol costs 15.9 pounds. The gasoline price is assumed to be 143 pence per litre in the calculation above, and the vehicle's fuel consumption is 37.5 miles per gallon.
The expense for two individuals participating in a carpool is £7.95 (equivalent to 15.9/2) per passenger.
The fare for this journey for three individuals in the vehicle is 5.3 pounds (15.9/3) per passenger.
3.98 pounds (15.9/4) per passenger is the expense of this journey for a car carrying four passengers.

(91.46 miles at 37.5 mpg) x 143 pence per litre for fuel equals 15.9 pounds.

To be more precise, the outcome is as follows:

Fuel Required = Distance / Vehicle Fuel Consumption (in miles multiplied by 4.54609 per vehicle)11.1 litres are consumed (91.46 miles * 4.54609 / 37.5 mpg).

Required fuel = 11.1 lt

Fuel expenses are calculated as follows: 11.1 litres x 143 pence per litre, or 15.9 pounds

15.9 pounds for fuel to get from Hull to Nottingham


Air conditioning (AC) can affect automotive fuel consumption for the following reasons:

Engine Load: The engine compressor works harder to cool and circulate air when the AC is on. In city driving or when idling, this added workload might increase engine fuel consumption.

At high speeds, running the AC increases aerodynamic drag. This makes the engine work harder to maintain speed, increasing fuel consumption.

Accessory Load: When the AC is running, the blower fan and condenser fan also use engine power. Fuel consumption increases as the engine's electrical load grows.

Driving circumstances: AC affects fuel usage differently based on driving circumstances. AC use in stop-and-go traffic or at lower speeds may have a greater impact on fuel usage than highway travel.

Efficiency Settings: "Eco" mode or variable AC compressor speeds can minimize AC's fuel usage in some autos. These features improve fuel efficiency and interior cooling.

AC use might raise fuel consumption, but it's typically worth it for comfort, especially in hot weather. However, using the car's ventilation system or rolling down windows at lower speeds helps reduce AC usage and fuel consumption.

Diesel cost from Hull to Nottingham.

The trip with diesel fuel costs 10 £ (151p/lt, 62.7 mpg).
For 2 passengers: 5 £ (10/2) /p.
For 3 passengers: 3.33 £ (10/3) /p.
For 4 passengers: 2.5 £ (10/4) /p.

Alternative routes from Hull to Nottingham

The second route from Hull to the Nottingham is 84.29 miles and takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The third route from Hull to the Nottingham is 85.3 miles and takes 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Which is the cheapest route from Hull to Nottingham by car?

The cheapest route from Hull to Nottingham is the second suggested route (84mi, 1h 40min) and costs 14.6 £ (petrol fuel cost, 143p/lt, 37.5mpg).

The second cheapest route from Hull to Nottingham is the third suggested route (85mi, 1h 44min) and costs 14.8 £.

The most expensive route from Hull to Nottingham is the first suggested route (91mi, 1h 38min) and costs 15.9 £.

For greater safety, the driver should choose the route that passes through the highway (median barrier) and not through smaller roads (curves in the road, bad road conditions, no median barrier).

How to get from Hull to Nottingham?

There are three suggested routes. The fastest route is 91mi (distance from Hull to Nottingham) and its duration is 1h 38min. The other route is 84mi, and its duration is 1h 40min. The slowest route is 85mi, and its duration is 1h 44min.

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Where is Hull located?

Hull is located in East Riding of Yorkshire county and in England. It is situated at an altitude of 8 meters above sea level. Hull has coordinates 53.7456709o,-0.3367413o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Hull from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.

What is the location of Nottingham?

Nottingham is located in Nottinghamshire county and in England. It is situated at an altitude of 69 meters above sea level. Nottingham has coordinates 52.9547832o,-1.1581086o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Nottingham from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.