Route from Hull to Trafford by car

The driving distance between Hull and Trafford is 106 miles. Travel time is 1 hour and 48 minutes by car.

From: Hull, County: East Riding of Yorkshire, England
To: Trafford, County: Greater Manchester, England
106 mi , 1 h 48 min
Tolls: Stations
Fuel consumption:
Fuel cost:

Route from Hull to Trafford on map

Driving directions from Hull to Trafford

106 mi 1 h 48 min
Head northeast on Dock Street
233 ft
Turn left onto Grimston Street
191 ft
Turn right onto George Street
453 ft
Turn right onto Wilberforce Drive
637 ft
Continue onto Lowgate
1167 ft
Turn left onto Liberty Lane
358 ft
Turn right onto High Street
745 ft
Continue onto Humber Street
472 ft
Turn right onto Queen Street
350 ft
Turn left onto Castle Street (A63)
0.4 mi
Continue onto Hessle Road (A63)
0.4 mi
Continue onto Clive Sullivan Way (A63)
5.6 mi
Continue onto Petuaria Way (A63)
9.1 mi
Continue onto M62
76 mi
Continue onto M60
10.9 mi
Take exit 8 on the left towards A5144: carrington
0.3 mi
Enter Carrington Spur Roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto Carrington Spur (A6144)
758 ft
Exit the roundabout onto Carrington Spur (A6144)
1.2 mi
Turn left onto Carrington Lane (A6144)
0.2 mi
Turn right onto Manor Avenue
0.5 mi
Turn right to stay on Manor Avenue
94 ft
Keep left onto Manor Avenue
451 ft
Turn left onto Taunton Road
336 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the right
0 ft

What's the expense of traveling from Hull to Trafford by car?

If you're using petrol, you're looking at an expense of 18.3 quid. Now, how do we get to that number? Let's break it down.

First off, we need to consider the price of petrol. In this calculation, it's set at 143 pence per liter. Then, we need to know how thirsty your car is. The fuel consumption rate for this ride is 37.5 miles per gallon.

Now, if you're carpooling, the cost gets divvied up. For two people sharing the ride, it's gonna be 9.15 quid each (£18.3 divided by 2). If you've got three folks in the car, the cost per person comes down to about 6.1 quid (£18.3 divided by 3). And if it's a full house with four passengers, each person chips in 4.58 quid (£18.3 divided by 4).

Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the calculations. To figure out how much fuel you need for the trip, it's all about distance and fuel efficiency. The distance between Hull and Trafford is about 105.61 miles. So, to cover that distance, your car's gonna need approximately 12.8 liters of petrol. We got that number by dividing the distance by the car's fuel consumption rate of 37.5 miles per gallon and then converting it to liters 'cause that's what we use here.

Once we know how much fuel we need, we can calculate the total cost. Multiply the amount of fuel (12.8 liters) by the price per liter (143 pence), and you get 18.3 quid. So, there you have it, the fuel cost for your journey from Hull to Trafford: 18.3 pounds.


The state of the road might impact fuel usage due to many factors.

Surface roughness refers to the unevenness of road surfaces, which can be caused by potholes, fractures, or uneven pavement. This unevenness can lead to an increase in rolling resistance. Consequently, the tires must exert more effort to sustain velocity, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Friction: The presence of inadequate road conditions can augment the level of friction between the tires and the road surface. The friction between surfaces generates drag, necessitating the engine to exert more effort to overcome it. Consequently, the use of fuel might escalate, particularly when driving at higher velocities.

Traffic congestion refers to the situation where roads experience a high volume of vehicles, resulting in frequent halts, starts, and prolonged waiting in traffic lines. The consistent acceleration and deceleration can result in higher fuel usage when compared to driving on uncongested, unrestricted roadways.

Changes in elevation can have an impact on fuel usage, particularly for vehicles equipped with less powerful engines, when encountering roads with steep inclines or drops. Ascending a slope necessitates greater engine power and consequently more fuel consumption, but descending a decline may necessitate additional braking and fuel usage to maintain control.

Weather Conditions: Inclement weather conditions, including precipitation such as rain, snow, or ice, can have a detrimental impact on road grip and the stability of vehicles. Motorists may be required to modify their velocity and driving conduct, which can have an effect on fuel usage.

Surface Quality: Smooth road surfaces with high-quality pavement often lead to decreased fuel consumption in comparison to rough or inadequately maintained roads. The reason for this is that smooth roads decrease rolling resistance, hence enabling more efficient vehicle performance.

In general, the quality of roads has a substantial impact on petrololine consumption, and drivers may encounter differences in fuel economy based on the state of the roads they are traveling on.

Diesel cost from Hull to Trafford.

The trip with diesel fuel costs 11.6 £ (151p/lt, 62.7 mpg).
For 2 passengers: 5.8 £ (11.6/2) /p.
For 3 passengers: 3.87 £ (11.6/3) /p.
For 4 passengers: 2.9 £ (11.6/4) /p.

Alternative routes from Hull to Trafford

Meanwhile, the least speedy route from Hull to Trafford covers 106.97 miles and necessitates 2 hours and 43 minutes for completion.

Which is the cheapest route from Hull to Trafford by car?

The cheapest route from Hull to Trafford is the first suggested route (106mi, 1h 48min) and costs 18.3 £ (petrol fuel cost, 143p/lt, 37.5mpg).

The most expensive route from Hull to Trafford is the second suggested route (107mi, 2h 43min) and costs 18.5 £.

For greater safety, the driver should choose the route that passes through the highway (median barrier) and not through smaller roads (curves in the road, bad road conditions, no median barrier).

How to get from Hull to Trafford?

There are two suggested routes. The fastest route is 106mi (distance from Hull to Trafford) and its duration is 1h 48min. The slowest route is 107mi, and its duration is 2h 43min.

RouteCalculator provides you with the information to prepare your trip from Hull to Trafford by car or motorbike. It offers you alternative road routes that you can follow to go from Hull to Trafford. It provides driving directions from Hull to Trafford, i.e. where to turn and when, distance of the Hull - Trafford route, travel time, display of the route on the map, fuel cost (petrol, diesel) and toll (if exist) cost.

In case you share the journey (carpooling) from Hull to Trafford with other people or friends, RouteCalculator provides the cost of the journey and the amount that each passenger will have to pay.

Where is Hull located?

Hull is located in East Riding of Yorkshire county and in England. It is situated at an altitude of 8 meters above sea level. Hull has coordinates 53.7456709o,-0.3367413o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Hull from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.

What is the location of Trafford?

Trafford is located in Greater Manchester county and in England. It is situated at an altitude of 25 meters above sea level. Trafford has coordinates 53.4215132o,-2.3517263o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Trafford from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.