Route from Bridgend to Penarth by car

The driving distance between Bridgend and Penarth is 22.3 miles. Travel time is 30 minutes by car.

From: Bridgend, County: Bridgend, Wales
To: Penarth, County: Cardiff, Wales
22.3 mi , 30 min
Tolls: Stations
Fuel consumption:
Fuel cost:

Route from Bridgend to Penarth on map

Driving directions from Bridgend to Penarth

22.3 mi 30 min
Head north on Nolton Street
64 ft
Turn right onto Brackla Street
1021 ft
Turn right onto Tremains Road (B4181)
0.3 mi
Continue onto Coychurch Road (B4181)
0.4 mi
Enter Coychurch Road and take the 2nd exit onto Coychurch Road (B4181)
173 ft
Exit the roundabout onto Coychurch Road (B4181)
0.9 mi
Turn right onto B4181
0.3 mi
Keep left onto Coychurch Road (A473)
1.4 mi
Enter the roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto A473
220 ft
Exit the roundabout onto A473
0.4 mi
Make a slight right
544 ft
Keep right at the fork
493 ft
Take the ramp on the left
1275 ft
Merge right onto M4
7.7 mi
Take the ramp on the left
0.4 mi
Enter Capel Llanilltern Interchange and take the 2nd exit onto A4232
951 ft
Exit the roundabout onto A4232
3.1 mi
Go straight onto A4232
4.9 mi
Make a slight left
948 ft
Make a slight right
617 ft
Keep left onto Cogan Spur (A4055)
0.5 mi
Turn left onto Cogan Hill (A4160)
653 ft
Turn right onto Cogan Hill (A4160)
608 ft
Continue onto Windsor Road (A4160)
0.3 mi
Enter the roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto Windsor Road (A4160)
56 ft
Exit the roundabout onto Windsor Road (A4160)
0.4 mi
Enter the roundabout and take the 1st exit onto Albert Road
47 ft
Exit the roundabout onto Albert Road
34 ft
You have arrived at your destination, on the right
0 ft

How much does it cost to drive from Bridgend to Penarth?

If you're using petrol, it's gonna set you back 3.9 quid. In this calculation, they're saying the petrol price is 143 pence per liter, and the car's gonna guzzle down 37.5 miles for every gallon of that stuff.

Now, if you're carpooling, the cost gets split up between everyone riding. So, if there are two people in the car, it's gonna be 1.95 quid each (£3.9 divided by 2). With three buddies on board, it works out to around 1.3 quid per person (£3.9 divided by 3). And if you've got a full car with four people, it's only 0.98 quid per person (£3.9 divided by 4).

Breaking down the numbers, the fuel cost is calculated based on how far you're going and how much gas your car chugs. For this trip, you're gonna need about 2.7 liters of fuel. They figured that out by dividing the distance of 22.31 miles by the car's fuel consumption rate of 37.5 miles per gallon, and then converting that to liters 'cause, you know, the UK uses liters.

So, you take the fuel needed, which is 2.7 liters, and you multiply it by the price per liter, which is 143 pence. And voilà, you got yourself the total fuel cost for the trip from Bridgend to Penarth: 3.9 quid.



The following reasons can affect car fuel consumption:

  1. Traffic Congestion: Driving in heavy traffic often involves frequent stops and starts, as well as idling in traffic queues. This constant acceleration and deceleration can lead to increased fuel consumption compared to driving on open, free-flowing roads.

  2. Vehicle Weight: Carrying excess weight in the vehicle, such as heavy cargo or unnecessary items, can increase fuel consumption by putting additional strain on the engine. Removing unnecessary weight can improve fuel efficiency.

  3. Elevation Changes: Driving on roads with steep inclines or declines can affect fuel consumption, especially for vehicles with less powerful engines. Climbing uphill requires more power from the engine and thus more fuel, while descending downhill may require additional braking and fuel to maintain control.

  4. Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or strong winds can affect fuel consumption. These conditions may require drivers to adjust their speed and driving behavior, impacting fuel efficiency. Additionally, extreme temperatures can affect engine performance and fuel consumption.

Diesel cost from Bridgend to Penarth.

The trip with diesel fuel costs 2.4 £ (151p/lt, 62.7 mpg).
For 2 passengers: 1.2 £ (2.4/2) /p.
For 3 passengers: 0.8 £ (2.4/3) /p.
For 4 passengers: 0.6 £ (2.4/4) /p.

Alternative routes from Bridgend to Penarth

An alternative route from Bridgend to the Penarth is 21.51 miles and takes 33 minutes.

Which is the cheapest route from Bridgend to Penarth by car?

The cheapest route from Bridgend to Penarth is the second suggested route (21.5mi, 33min) and costs 3.7 £ (petrol fuel cost, 143p/lt, 37.5mpg).

The most expensive route from Bridgend to Penarth is the first suggested route (22.3mi, 30min) and costs 3.9 £.

For greater safety, the driver should choose the route that passes through the highway (median barrier) and not through smaller roads (curves in the road, bad road conditions, no median barrier).

How to get from Bridgend to Penarth?

There are two suggested routes. The fastest route is 22.3mi (distance from Bridgend to Penarth) and its duration is 30min. The slowest route is 21.5mi, and its duration is 33min.

RouteCalculator provides you with the information to prepare your trip from Bridgend to Penarth by car or motorbike. It offers you alternative road routes that you can follow to go from Bridgend to Penarth. It provides driving directions from Bridgend to Penarth, i.e. where to turn and when, distance of the Bridgend - Penarth route, travel time, display of the route on the map, fuel cost (petrol, diesel) and toll (if exist) cost.

In case you share the journey (carpooling) from Bridgend to Penarth with other people or friends, RouteCalculator provides the cost of the journey and the amount that each passenger will have to pay.

Where is Bridgend located?

Bridgend is located in Bridgend county and in Wales. It is situated at an altitude of 27 meters above sea level. Bridgend has coordinates 51.5042860o,-3.5769450o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Bridgend from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.

What is the location of Penarth?

Penarth is located in Cardiff county and in Wales. It is situated at an altitude of 50 meters above sea level. Penarth has coordinates 51.4387980o,-3.1735070o. RouteCalculator provides a map of Penarth from which you can plan your trips to other UK cities.